img Notepad++ Complete source code editor and Notepad replacement

The Notepad program boasts the most simple interface of any writing program on any operating system, and for well over a decade it has been a handy tool for those that needs just the basics of text processing online. The Internet is changing, though, and the need for an upgraded version of Notepad was necessary. Notepad plus fills the void with newer, more advanced features for those that require a more complex program.

The same old Notepad simplicity is there. You can open up the program and begin typing away about anything you need to, but in addition to the regular features, you get auto-completion of words, which can speed up the typing process and make your tasks a lot easier. For those that have difficulty seeing the screen, there is a zoom in or out feature which will make reading what you write a lot easier to keep up with.

One of the most talked about features is the tabbed feature which allows you to start Notepad features in different tabs rather than entirely new documents. Multiple languages are now supported, as well, so it's not only open to an English speaking audience anymore. You can get spell check for different languages, which will open up a whole new world for users that were previously locked out of the Notepad universe. This added feature will bring plenty to the flock of loyal Notebook fans.

Overall, Notebook Plus is what it says it is: Notebook plus a dozen or so new features that increase the user-base and its usefulness to everyone. If you already love Notebook, it's worth your time to update to this version so that you can use your favorite word processing program to greater effect, and if you've been shunning Notebook for years because of its limited feature list, give this version a go to see if it might be what you're looking for.


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